12V Electric Anchor Winch Second Switch Kit trailer Winch 30lb. freshwater Marine Boat Yacht


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12V AutoDepoly Second Switch Kit Anchor Winch 45 lb. Saltwater Marine Boat Yacht

Second Switch Kit Option Anchor Winch : Besides the standard anchor winch which can be controlled by the UP or DOWN buttons on the switch panel on the anchor winch cover, it will come with a second switch panel that comes with 12 feet (3.7 meter) long pre-made connection cable. A second switch can be added at the boat’s helm or wherever it is most convenient.

Anchor Winch Description:
Model: SF55122-3
Color: White
For saltwater use
Length:9.645 inch,245mm
Width:8.425 inch,245mm
Height:6.488 inch,165mm

Power UP/FREE-FALL down
Press the down button and the anchor is released allowing the anchor to fall very quickly. No rope back-lash.
Electric Winch and Integrated Roller
Anchor Roller can be positioned close to winch or spaced away. Position is determined by the length of the anchor shank.
Sealed UP/DOWN Switch
Large Rope Capacity
Includes 100´×0.20″(30.5m×5mm) braided anchor rope
Heavy 10-gauge Battery Wire
Tin-plated(marine-grade) to ward off corrosion
70 ft(21.3m) Per Minute No-Load Rope Retrieval Speed
Circuit Breaker
No fuse to change
Safety Cable
To secure anchor when not in use
Installation and operating instructions are supplied
Please see the listing photos for the anchor winch dimensions.
1 year Warranty
Suitable for all boats where a 30 lb.(13.6kg) anchor and 100 ft(30.5m) of rope is sufficient. Maximum capacity 45lbs.(20.4kg)


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