13mm Portable Toilet Use Water Foot Pump


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13mm Portable Toilet Use Water Foot Pump







Product Description

This is a water foot pump made of POM and rubber, suitable for 13mm flexible hose.

Easy to install compact design

Ideal for installation where space is limited

Angled design ensures more comfortable operation from a standing position

Ideal as a priming pump for use with Portable Toilet, Yacht,Boat

Suitable for pumping freshwater and saltwater


Specification: L14*W10*H7CM
Material: POM/ RUBBER / Steel Stainless
Max Pressure: 7 psi
Lift: 0.8m
Capacity: 1.3gpm
Max Service Temp: 60℃



More Details


SF NO.Hose connectionsMax PressureLiftCapacityMax Service TempSpecification
SF20722-127mm7 psi1.6m2.6gpm100°CL 14.2*W14.2*H 13.4CM
SF20722-213mm7psi0.8m1.3gpm60°CL14*W10*H 7CM




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