AOSIF Automatic Transfer Switch ATS


em No.: ATS


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Automatic Transfer Switch-ATS 


AOSIF Auto transfer cabinet adopts high quality and reliable auto transfer switch. It’s to transfer between prime power and standby power.


AOSIF has many types of ATS cabinet:

1.Standard ATS. It has 2 road power connection : Generator power and mains power. 2 raod power are with electrical and mechanical interlocking. So it just can supply power to the load by 1 road at one time. The Standard ATS has few seconds without power. It depends on generator start time or ATS transfer time.

2.By pass Transfer Cabinet. It’s regular transfer test for ATS, and without power stop.

3.Instantaneous parallel transfer cabinet.It’s for strict time for power stop. The load is the most import. The power supply systems can realize seamless transfer.It’s usually used in hospital and data warehouse.


Technical Parameters


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