CZR module Integration type cruisair marine air conditioner


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BV,DNV,LY,GL EC Certification;
marine air conditioner,cruisair marine air conditioner


CZR model integration type marine air conditioner is the new product designed with high technology. It adopts water (sea water or river water) for cooling, it is corrosion proof, anti-vibration, small volume, little weight,convenient maintenance, cooling and heating two uses.


It can be installed inalf kinds of working ships such as middle or small yachts, high speed passenger boats and fish affair boats with driving force power source.


The integration type air conditioner includes all parts of the air conditioner:compressor, electrical control box,electronic touch display, water condenser,evaporator, fan, 4-way valve, liquid storage, vapor liquid separator etc.


it can be installed under the bed and seat, in the cupboard due to its smallvolume. It can send cool (hot) air to each part of the cabin with the distributorinstalled in the central air way.


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