Drilling Well Slurry Mud Screw Conveyor

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Drilling Well Slurry Mud Screw Conveyor

1.Product Description of screw conveyor

Screw Conveyor is a new type of transporting equipment, which use rotary screw vane to push material continuously in closed housing with round section.

It is applicable to transport various kinds of loose material such as power, granular and small piece material, for example: clay powder, pulverized coal, cement, sand, grain, small piece of coal, cobble and cast iron filings, etc. It is not applicable to transport material with high viscosity, easy to be curdled.

2.Technical Parameters of screw conveyor

Shell Pipe Diameter(mm)165219273325
Carrying Capacity(t/h)10153060
Rotation Speed(r/min)310310240170
Max Working Angle(°)0-45°0-45°0-45°0-45°
Max. Conveying Length(m)14141414
Length(m) (From inlet to outlet)<468>11.5<468>11.5<68>11.5<68>11.5
Motor Power (kw)3/


3.Features of screw conveyor

1.Large load capacity , safety and reliability ;

2.Well-adapted, convenient to install and maintain, long life;

3.Small size ,high rotation speed;

4.Flexible arrangement on position of inlet and outlet.

4.Working Principle

LSY screw conveyor uses revolving screw to move the conveyor material in fixed casing, the bearings of head and tail are moved to shell, hanger bearing adopts sleeve bearing, which have dust proof sealing device, bearing bush usually adopts powder metallurgy,convey concrete adopts felt bushing, hanger shaft and screw shaft are connected by slider. Drilling Well Slurry Mud Screw Conveyor


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