Electric Magnetic Actuator ADC175

Electric Magnetic Actuator ADC175 is a proportional electro servo designed for mechanical actuation of fuel system control levers. They exhibit uniquely optimized fuel control and will outperform externally mounted electric actuators.

Electric Magnetic Actuator ADC175

The ADC SERIES electric actuator is designed to mount directly on a Bosch “P” size fuel injection

pump, with a right hand, rack, in place of the mechanical governor. When the 175 actuators are

installed on the fuel pump, an optimum performance, long-life fuel control system results. An

external fuel shut-off lever is provided to manually override the actuator’s control. Also provided

is an adjustable internal maximum fuel limit.

Electric Magnetic Actuator ADC175 can control fuel pumps of up to 8 cylinders. The actuator was

designed with two isolated chambers. The upper chamber is wet with oil and contains the

connection to the fuel rack and an optional manual shut-off mechanism. The sealed lower chamber contains electromagnetic components.


Force:6.2 lb. (27.5N)
Operating Stroke:0.80 in. (21 mm)
Response Time (10-90%, 2-19 mm):35 msec.
Operating Voltage:12 or 24V DC
Nominal Operating Current:12V DC version:4.0A
24V DC version:2.0A
Maximum Current:12V DC version:5.8A
24V DC version:3.1A
Operating Temperature:-40 to +95 °C (-40 to +200 °F)
Relative Humidity:up to 100%
Vibration:20g, 20-500 Hz
Shock:20g @ 11 msec.
Weight:4.75 lb. (2.2kg.)
Mounting:Requires camshaft bearing retainer kit
P7000 pumpKT276
Mating Connector:EC1300
Mating Cable Harness:CH1215


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