InteliATS2 50 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Controller

  • Highlights

    • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) controller for switching between two independent power sources
    • ​Mains-to-Mains or Mains-to-Generator application
    • Designed to control motorised circuit breakers or contactors
    • Works with a PC tool InteliConfig for configuration, monitoring, and control locally or remotely
    • Easy to install, configure and use

    Key Features

    • 6 binary outputs, 6 binary inputs
    • Power over USB for controller configuration
    • RTC with battery backup with a full calendar
    • Slot for extension plug-in module for 4G, BI/BO, Ethernet support
    • Full remote communications support of AirGate 2.0, WSV, InteliSCADA
    • Internet access, Modbus, SNMP
    • Active SMS and emails
    • Cyber security improvement
    • Elevator switch
    • Detailed history log with up to 150 records
    • User setpoints and protections
    • Multi-purpose scheduler
    • 5 languages in the controller and translator functionality
    • Cut-out: 172 × 112 mm


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