InteliGen4 200 New generation controller for simple paralleling applications

  • InteliGen4 200 is a new generation controller for simple paralleling applications offering high security standards, remote communication support, and an additional degree of flexibility when designing your applications.

    Key benefits

    • Flexibility & efficiency in application design using the InteliConfig tool
      • In-built PLC logic and user defined protections and setpoints
    • Full control with fast and reliable remote communication support
      • Remote connectivity for monitoring – anywhere, anytime
    • Cyber security improvements for protecting any application
      • Keep your data and business as safe as possible
    • Enhanced ECU support with multiECU support
      • StageV and Tier4Final ready by default with additional customisation
    • New platform ready for future applications
      • Hardware and software architecture built on the latest technologies

    Key features

    • Two applications (MINT + SPTM) in 1 HW
    • Integrated communication and control ports (USB/CAN/RS485 on board, USB host, AVRi)
    • Improved HW platform
      • Switchable analogue inputs (R/I/U)
      • 5V reference output for supplying analog sensors
      • Earth fault current protection (EFCP) directly in the controller
    • Communication protocols (MODBUS RTU/TCP, SNMP v1 and v2, J1939)
    • PLC with easy-to-use drag & drop blocks (PLC editor & monitor)
    • Slots for plug-in modules for 4G, Ethernet, RS232/485 connection or additional binary inputs/outputs
    • Extensions via CAN modules – binary/analog inputs and outputs
    • Remote communication support by AirGate 2.0, WebSupervisor and InteliSCADA
    • Compatible Load/VAr Sharing and Power Management with InteliCompact NT, InteliGen and InteliSys NT families
    • Cyber security features
      • User access management with 5 unique user accounts
      • Brute force attack protection
      • Ciphering of communications
      • Production mode
    • Cooperation of up to 32 gen-set controllers in multiple island applications
    • Two types of synchronisation: Phase Match or Slip Synchronisation
    • Multi-purpose maintenance timers and exercise timers
    • Dual Starter
    • Pulse Counters
    • Multi ECU support
      • Configuration of up to 4 ECUs
    • Low temperature version available (order code: IG4200XXBLA)


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