InteliSys NTC BaseBox Advanced parallel gen-set controller

  • Marine certified controller. Overview of ComAp marine approved products available here.
    • Advanced gen-set controller for both single and multiple gensets operating in standby or parallel modes.
    • Support of complex applications for power production in data centres, hospitals, banks and also CHP applications
    • Support of engines both with electronic unit (ECU) and mechanical engines.
    • Complete control of the engine, alternator and controlled technology from one unit provides access to all measured data in a coherent and time corresponding way.
    • Wide range of communication interfaces allows smooth integration into local monitoring systems (BMS, etc.)
    • To be used in conjunction with detachable / external colour displays InteliVision 5,  InteliVision 8 ,  InteliVision 12Touch
    • Internal built-in PLC interpreter allows you to configure customised logic to meet demanding customer requirements on your own without extra programming knowledge and in a fast way.
    • Configurable event-based history (up to 4000 records) with extra Pre-mortem part is a valuable tool for troubleshooting and performance analysis.
    • Plug and Play local and remote monitoring from a range of ComAp displays and dedicated PC tools or web based services, offers you a full, intuitive and secure monitoring
      of the controlled fleet, site or technology.
    • Force value function allows to use alternative configuration setting based on actual conditions, allows better control of the gen-set or related technology based on its actual situation
    • All analogue and binary I/Os are freely configurable to suit every application requirement, and to use just the right amount of I/Os or I/O expansion modules which saves customer costs
    • With Solution of Application support – manage up to 992 Gen-sets in Extended Multiple Gen-set Application (Bank Controller)

    GeCon LandBased functionality is included in IGS NT Standard Firmware version 3.9 and newer!
    GeCon Marine functionality is in separate FW branch.

    Order instruction: To run the GeCon software you need to order InteliSys NTC BaseBox, and then install the correct GeCon software:

    • GeCon LandBased (included in standard firmware)
    • GeCon Marine (special dedicated firmware)

    IGS-NT-LSM+PMS dongle is required for Loadsharing and PowerManagement.


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