InteliVision 5 5,7″ Colour Display Unit

  • InteliVision 5, industrial operator panel equipped with 5,7” colour screen, is dedicated together with the main ComAp controller to visualise and control single gen-set in various applications.
    • 5,7” Colour TFT Display with resolution 320 × 240 pixels
    • Local and Remote display for single controller monitoring
    • Plug and play operation (auto configuration based on controller application)
    • Suppported controllers :
      • InteliGen GSC
      • InteliGen GSC-C
      • InteliSys GSC-C
      • InteliSys GAS
      • InteliGen NT BaseBox
      • InteliGen NTC BaseBox
      • InteliSys NTC BaseBox
      • InteliMains NTC BaseBox
      • InteliSys NTC Hybrid
    • Direct connection to the controller
    • Simple, fast and intuitive control
    • Easy drag and drop screen configuration in graphical editor
    • Five active buttons – fast access to important data
    • Configurable active buttons
    • Support of Tiers 4 icons
    • Mounting screw available at the rear face of InteliVision 5 to mount a compatible controller
    • Same language support as the controller including graphic languages
    • Communication connection via RS-485 (galvanically separated)
    • Same cut out as InteliGen NT
    • Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C (-40 °C to +70 °C if the device is powered on above -30 °C).
    • Face is sealed to IP65
    • EMC, climatic and mechanical tests
    • CE, UL certification


    It is recommended to upgrade both display unit and controller firmware to the newest version in order to fully utilize features of ScreenEditor within GenConfig. For more information please see the New Feature List.


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