Marine 12V/24V Yacht Boat ship Remote Control HID LED Searchlight with Wire Searchlight Lamp


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Romote control searchlight can perform the omnibearing, multi-angled and long-range lighting task, it’s a powerful ophthalmacrosis for water operations of yacht, coast guard, marine police, fishing boats, etc.



The classic style of remote control MS-HID searchlight makes yachts elegant. It applies for the world-leading xenon lighting technology, and the rays of light is close to the color of sunlight white. This kind of white light can widely broaden the views in night conditions, and clearly confirm the water state to make sure of safe driving in night conditions. In the rain, halogen lamp can not clearly show the water state, but xenon lamp does. It supplies the best lighting effect and distance. The switch applies for high-tech touch sensitive design and feels quite good. The housing uses tough thermoplasticity body and have a high antioxidativity and impact resistance. It also can work in such rainstorm hostile environment. High-quality and high-standard manufaturing requirement make them durable, safe and reliable.


3,Lighting Luminance

HID 35W xenon bulb, Luminous Flux 4500LM, Color Temperature 6000K. Its illumination approches to the color tempreture of ferfect sunlight at noon, and has a more than 3,000 hours life. It also has a wide view, which bring you a unprecesented comfort.


4,Lighting distance:

Xenon lamp has a larger lighting range, a farther distance and a higher luminance. It has a best comfortable lighting effect.

5,Lighting angle:

It can rotate by remote control as per your own requirement, and has motor protector with anti-over remote control, can left and right rotate over 360 degree, and up and down rotate over 72 degreee.


Its base directly fixed on the yacht conveniently and tightly.


After installation, the red line connects to positive polarity, and black line connects to negative polarity.

8,Remote control instructions:

Open the remote control button ON, it begins steady lighting irradiation. Then you can press up/down/left/right to adjust the direction of light irradiation. When you touch the button OFF, the remote control stopped.


a) For remote control searchlight is DC12V/DC24V DC power supply, so battery with other voltages or other AC power suply can not be used.

b). In order to avoid consumption of electrical energy, the switch should turn off in the day.

10,Main technical parameters:

Voltage: DC12V

Current: 6A

Size: Length 26cm x Width 21.6cm x Height 23.5cm

Weight: 3.6kg


1. Switch                   1 pcs

2. Certification              1 copy (It is in Chinese)

3. User manual              1 copy


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