marine boat SALTWATER 45SW electric anchor winch


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marine boat big water 45SW  electric anchor winch for seawater, saltwater

anchor and 100ft.(30.5m) of rope is sufficient.

Power UP / FREE-FALL down P

ress the down button and the anchor is released allowingthe anchor to fall very quickly.

No rope back- lash.

Electric Winch and Integrated Roller

Anchor roller can be positioned close to winch orspaced away.

Position is determined by the,length of the anchor shank.

Sealed UP / DOWN Switch

Large Rope Capacity Includes 100′ x 0.20′ (30.5m x 5mm) braided anchor rope,Heavy 10-gauge Battery Wire,  Tin-plated

12V VOLTAGE: 150W/12.5A;3800 revolutions per minute;30kgs maximum lift;260kgs rope broke tension; rope length:



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