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Material: pvc
Color:any color according to PMS system.
Logo:customed,stamping imprinting and sticking


∴Oval-shaped design minimizes rolling and reduces hull rub.
∴Molded-in eyelets withstand constant pull and tug of everyday use.
∴Air valve allows customized inflation.
∴Guarantee against splitting or bursting for the list of your boat.
∴Many sizes are available(length*dia.): 40*15, 42*11, 51*14, 62*16, 72*20, 95*30, 98*35, 98*40




Which Shape of Fender is Right For My Boat?


Powerboats & Sailboats:

Boats vary in displacement and windage, both of which are a factor in choosing fender sizes. If you have lots of rig, a pilothouse / cabin house or are a heavy displacement boat, you will need larger fenders. A mix of fender types that you can hang horizontally / vertically, as well as a couple round fenders will allow for most docking, rafting and unintentional contact situations.

Commercial Boats:

Hands down the choice is round fenders for these vessels. Commercial boats typically have a spray or splash rail running along the side that prevents round fenders from really crawling up and into the boat!

Trailerable Boats:

Fenders for these types of boats tend to be used far less than on a docked boat. To add to the difference, most trailered boats are lighter than their dockside counterparts of the same length. For a boat tied to the dock during the day, under ideal weather conditions (the boat is put on a trailer when there is any threat of weather) you may choose to go down one size to save on room.


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