Rectangular Boat Motor Flusher


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Motor Flusher. Flush away sand, silt, sale and alkali. Prevent clogging, corrosion and extend your engine life. Engine attachment for flushing outboards with clean, fresh water. Supplied with flushing connector.

Universal, round cups.

Fits most outboards & I/O’s with side water inlets.


Regular flushing of salt, silt, etc. helps extend your outboard engine‘s life. Clamping the flusher over your engine’s water intake on the lower unit and fresh water from a garden hose is all you need. Great for tune-ups and other maintenance that requires running an outboard engine out of the water.

  • Extend your outboard engine’s life by regularly flushing out salt, silt and grime
  • Clamp over water intake then flush outboard with a garden hose
  • Round, Rectangular or Dual-Feed Rectangular Cups


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