stainless boat fuel level sensor


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*Material: S.S.316


*Mounting: BSP 1 1/4 Thread


*Length of Wire : 460mm

*Gasket: NBR


*Alram: No


*Output Signal: 0-190 / 240-33


Item No.Input SignalLength / mmItem No.Input SignalLength / mm
SF81201-1 0-190150SF81202-1240-33150
SF81201-2 0-190200SF81202-2240-33200
SF81201-3 0-190250SF81202-3240-33250
SF81201-4 0-190300SF81202-4240-33300
SF81201-5 0-190400SF81202-5240-33400
SF81201-6 0-190500SF81202-6240-33500
SF81201-7 0-190600SF81202-7240-33600
SF81201-8 0-190700SF81202-8240-33700
SF81201-9 0-190800SF81202-9240-33800
SF81201-10 0-190900SF81202-10240-33900
SF81201-11 0-1901000SF81202-11240-331000
SF81201-12 0-1901100SF81202-12240-331100
SF81201-13 0-1901200SF81202-13240-331200
SF81201-14 0-1901300SF81202-14240-331300
SF81201-15 0-1901400SF81202-15240-331400
SF81201-16 0-1901500SF81202-16240-331500
SF81201-17 0-1901600SF81202-17240-331600


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