Waterproof DC 12V 3.6W surface mount Dome Light


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Voltage: DC 12V

Wattage: 3.6W

Surface mount

IP Level: IP67

Item No.Color & Color TemperatureMaterialLED Power


Effective LumenLens
SF41188-1WWhite (5500-6300K)S.S 30420 * 0.2W260 LM3 inch
SF41188-2WWhite (5500-6300K)S.S 30420 * 0.2W272 LM4 inch
SF41188-2WRRed/White (5500-6300K)S.S 30420 * 0.2W272 LM4 inch
SF41188-3WWhite (5500-6300K)S.S 30420 * 0.2W268 LM5 inch
SF41189-1WWhite (5500-6300K)Brass housing20 * 0.2W260 LM3 inch
SF41189-2WWhite (5500-6300K)Brass housing20 * 0.2W272 LM4 inch
SF41189-3WWhite (5500-6300K)Brass housing20 * 0.2W268 LM5 inch


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