Waterproof LED underwater light 10-30V DC S.S 316 LED Light


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LED Underwater Light

High quality S.S 316


Working Voltage: 10-30 VDC

Waterproof Level: IP68

Item No.ColorLED PowerOutput Power



inch / meter

SF40421-WSWhite27*0.2W3.6W343 LM3-5/6”(95.5mm)
SF40421-BSBlue27*0.2W3.6W74 LM3-5/6”(95.5mm)
SF40421-GSGreen27*0.2W3.6W340 LM3-5/6”(95.5mm)
SF40422-WSWhite39*0.2W5.2W710 LM4-3/4”(120mm)
SF40422-BSBlue39*0.2W5.2W159 LM4-3/4”(120mm)
SF40421-WBSWhite + Blue24*0.2W*2//3-5/6”(95.5mm)


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