waterproof Marine car products USB charger double socket panel


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Item No.SpecificationItem No.Specification
SF50890-1UV3.1A USB+ VoltmeterSF50890-2U21P4.8A USB+ Power Socket with LED
SF50890-1UA3.1A USB+ AmmeterSF50890-3UV4.8A USB+ Voltmeter
SF50890-1UD3.1A USB+ Dual Volt. & Amp.SF50890-3UA4.8A USB+ Ammeter
SF50890-1U1P3.1A USB+ Power SocketSF50890-3UD4.8A USB+ Dual Volt. & Amp.
SF50890-1U2P3.1A USB+ Power Socket with LEDSF50890-3U1P4.8A USB+ Power Socket
SF50890-2UV4.8A USB+ VoltmeterSF50890-3U2P4.8A USB+ Power Socket with LED
SF50890-2UA4.8A USB+ AmmeterSF50890-4UA4.2A USB & Volt+ Ammeter
SF50890-2UD4.8A USB+ Dual Volt. & Amp.SF50890-4U1P4.2A USB & Volt+ Power Socket
SF50890-2U1P4.8A USB+ Power SocketSF50890-4U2P4.2A USB & Volt+ Power Socket with LED



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