7L Portable car/boat/caravan DC 12V/AC220V Microwave oven /wavebox


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7L Portable car/boat/caravan DC 12VAC220V Microwave oven /wavebox is the world’s smallest microwave ovens, but their true beauty lies in the 12V power system that allows you to heat it up in places never possible before.

DC Direct to 12 volt Battery – The extra-long 9-foot cable has alligator clamps to attach directly to any 12 volt vehicle or boat battery.. This product is supplied with 9ft DC power cable, coolbox, full color retail box.

1. This microwave oven has DOUBLE power option: standard AC220V, DC  12V
2. Material: ABS
3. Size: 380*260*280mm
5. Capacity: 7L
6.    DC/AC model: Acc. including Cigarette lighter cable& AC power line 


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