Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) SGQ250A-630A/4P

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SGQ Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is used under conditions of AC660V 50/60Hz or DC250V. It is two-stage PC class type with electromagnetism drive structure, which can make fast load transfer (transfer time ≤80ms) of two power circuits. It can be widely used for national one-class load, for example: high buildings, post, telecommunications, coal mines, ships, industrial assembly lines, health care, military facilities etc. The two power circuits can be grid, auto start genset, storage battery etc.


SGQ Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) adopts electromagnetic coil drive, electrical and mechanical interlocking structure, main loop structure of two static contacts and one dynamic contact. Dynamic contact applies V type, which ensures two power circuits shall not be short circuit. N type and T type applies double coils; M type applies single coil. Coils only are energized at the time of transfer and this extends the usage life of switch to a great degree. Coil control power can be supplied by master/slave AC or DC power and it is not needed to add another control power. Switch itself has mechanical or electrical close indication, and at the same time it provides volts free auxiliary contact.


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