Be28 ATS Bernini Controller

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Be28 ATS Bernini Controller

The Be28 is a 3-phase Automatic Transfer Switch Controller.
All parameters, alarms, and operating functions are indicated by means of a high-luminosity display capable of operating in a temperature range between -30°C and +70°C. The measurements include Vac, Aac, Vdc, Hz, and Battery Vdc (Engine). Software for remote control & monitoring is also provided via RS485 (MODBUS-RTU protocol).
The Be28 complies with NFPA-110 / NFPA-99 specifications and features 7 modes of operation. By using our TCP-IP/RS485 converter you can monitor and control the Be28 via INTERNET. Software is provided free of charge. Option for remote control by Mobile Phone is also provided by using the optional module Be16.

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