Feetech FS5106B Standard 6kg RC Toy Servo Motor


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 Feetech FS5106B Standard 6kg RC Toy Servo Motor


Dimensions : 40.8 × 20.1 × 38 mm

Weight : 40 g

Operating Speed : 0.18sec/60degree (4.8V)0.16sec/60degree (7V)

Stall Torque : 5kg.cm/69.56oz.in(4.8V)6kg.cm/83.47oz.in(6V)

Operating Voltage : 4.8V~6V

Control System : Analog

Direction : CCW

Operating Angle : 120degree

Required Pulse : 900us-2100us

Bearing Type : 2BB

Gear Type : Plastic

Motor Type : Metal

Connector Wire Length : 30 cm

Product Name:6V 6kg.cm Analog Servo
Model No.FS5106B
1.Apply Environmental Condition
1-1Storage Temperature Range-30°C~80°C
1-2Operating Temperature Range-15°C~70°C
2.Standard Test Environment
2-1Temperature range25°C ±5°C
2-2Humidity range65%±10%
3.Mechanical Specification
3-1SizeA:40.8mm B:20.1mm C:38mm D:49.5mm
3-2Weight40g ±0.2(1.41oz)
3-3Gear typePlastic Gear(Nylon & POM )
3-6Limit angle200°±5°
3-7Bearing2 Ball bearings
3-8Horn gear spline25T
3-9Horn typePlastic,POM
3-10CaseNylon & Fiberglass
3-11Connector wire300mm ±5 mm
3-12MotorMetal brush motor
3-13Splash water resistanceNO
4.Electrical Specification (Function of the Performance)
4-1*Idle current(at stopped)5mA7mA
4-2*No load speed0.18sec/60°0.16 sec/60°
4-3*Runnig current(at no load)160 mA190 mA
4-4Peak stall torque5kg.cm6kg.cm
4-5Stall current980 mA1100mA
Note: “*”definition is average value when the servo runing with no load
5.Control Specification:
5-1Command signalPulse width modification
5-2Amplifier typeAnalog comparator
5-3Pulse width range700~2300µsec
5-4Neutral position1500 µsec
5-5Running degree180°(±5°)(when 700~2300 µsec)
5-6Dead band width5 µsec
5-7Rotating directionCounterclockwise   (when 1000~2000 µsec)



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