InteliLite AMF 25 Advanced Auto Mains Failure (AMF) gen-set controller

  • New generation of one of the world’s most successful controllers in its class.

    Advanced single gen-set controller for stand-by and prime power applications.

    • Single gen-set controller for stand-by and prime power applications
    • Easy to install, configure and use
    • 5 languages in the controller
    • 3 level of password
    • 3 sets of alternative configuration
    • Direct communication with EFI engines
    • Tier 4 final ready
    • Total remote monitoring and control
    • Cloud-based monitoring and control via WebSupervisor
    • Wide range of communication capabilities including:
      • connection via RS232, RS485, CAN and on board USB
      • internet access using Ethernet, GPRS, 3G or 4G
      • support for Modbus (TCP/RTU) and SNMP (v1/v2c – including traps)
    • Active SMS and emails in different languages
    • Geofencing and tracking via WebSupervisor
    • In-built PLC, complemented with a PLC monitoring tool in InteliConfig
    • 12 inputs and 8 outputs on-board
    • 2x 10 A binary outputs for cranking and fuel solenoid
    • More I/Os available over plug-in or CAN modules (EM-BIO8-EFCP, Inteli AIN8Inteli AIN8TCInteli AIO9/1Inteli IO8/8, IGS-PTM)
    • Remote Annunciator over CAN
    • Activation of outputs based on inputs
    • Load shedding, dummy load capability
    • Real time clock (with battery)
    • Multipurpose flexible timers
    • Flexible event based history with up to 350 events
    • True RMS measurement
    • Comprehensive protections
    • Possibility to disable protections
    • Available also in low temperature version (Order code: IL3AMF25BLA)
    • UL Listed


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