Slow/ Fast Air Cooler 2 speed electric motor


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Double Speed Air cooler electric motor








  FAST  1425     1/4220v       IP22
  SLOW  950     1/12220V       IP22


  FAST  1425     1/3220V       IP22
  SLOW  950     1/9220V       IP22


  FAST  1425     1/2220V       IP22
  SLOW  950     1/6220V       IP22


  FAST  1425     3/4220V       IP22
  SLOW  950     1/4220V       IP22






  Product Description:


1)Single-Phase double speed motor with steel housing, designed for cooling system , evaporative cooler etc. suit for hot weather environments.

2)High quality winding with excellent insulation and heat transmission properties.

3)Nice appearance , high starting torque, low starting current,smooth turning, low temperature rise, low vibration, low noise and great overload performance.

4)Saving Energy , higher efficiency.

5)Long life, Equipped with overheating protection , good Protection against Humidity.

6)Special motors can be designed according to customer’s requirement.Pure copper coil or copper clad aluminum coil can be choosed.

7) Be widely used in Iraq ,Sudan ,Iran ,Saudi and other gulf country market.

9) Also call cooler motor ,air conditioner motor ,ac motor ,ecm motor,fan motor , blower motor……



    1) our top management are born from motor technician

2) OEM and ODM offer.

3) UL CCC RoHS certificates and serious quality contol

4) we have had more than 30years export experience,especially to Mid-east and South America.

5) Own a competent and honest sales team,always efficient to all your requirement.



     Designed for continuous airiness application,such as room air conditioners, unit coolers, and other air moving application with double shaft requirement.



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