Swimming Pool Pump, Electric water pump


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Swimming Pool Pump, Electric water pump




1.Quite device, low operation noise;


2.Single or Three Phase;


3.Insulation Grade F;


4.Liquid temperature up to 60°c;


5.Perfect Performance;


6.304 Stainless Steel welding shaft ;


7.High capacity of the fliter, reduce the cleaning frequency.





 Fast Delivery SPPE Series  Self-Priming  Electric 1850W 2.5HP Swimming  Pool / SPA Pump


The Updated SPPE Series Swimming Pool Pump – the leader in pump innovation.


Maintain a crystal clear and sparkling pool or spa that everybody loves with the New SPPE Series Self-Priming 1850W Electric Swimming Pool Pump. Thanks to its super-efficient IP55 1850W 2.5HP Electric Motor, you can save significant time and money – truly the industry’s most energy efficient filtration pump.


The New SPPE Series 1850W Electric Swimming Pool Pump takes care of cleaning, filtration and chlorine/salt distribution. It features a revolutionised removable strainer basket with a built-in thermal overload protection – as the water circulates and passes through the filter, it leaves your pool squeaky clean, free from leaves, hair strands, debris and other impurities.


The SPPE series is designed to work in harmony with both your filtering unit and pool cleaner and will power along throughout the day.The fine filter basket ensures debris does not enter the pump, ensuring trouble free operation and extended life of filter sand.


PLUS! This latest New SPPE series feature a thermoplastic filter cartridge and tank body, engineered to stand-up to pool salt, chlorine and a host of other regular pool chemicals.


As is the case with all New SPPE pumps, is constructed with longevity in mind and employs extensive use of corrosion proof materials resistant to the elements along with all chemicals commonly associated with pool maintenance. The SPPE250 can refresh up to a 100,000 Litre pool in less than 3 hours, making it ideal for most Aussie backyards – meaning if the capacity of your pool or spa is <100,000 Litres (average pool size) the SPPE series is ideal.


Designed for permanent installation, the Ultra series offers the very best in Set-n-Forget pool maintenance.


How to use

1.Locate the pump as close as possible to the pool.


2.The pump suction line should not be smaller than the pressure line. All piping must be airtight


3.The threads on the pump must be sealed with Teflon Tape or Silicon, when the pump unions are screwed on.


4.The weight of the piping should be supported independently and not carried by the pump.


5.Fill the pump tank with water before starting.


6.High suction lifts, or long suction lines, require additional time and reduce the performance of the pump.


7.The water being pumped cools and lubricates the seal.


8.After the pump tank has been filled with water, and the motot started, allow a few moments for the pump to start delivering water.

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