Marine 45SW 12v Electric Boat Anchor Winch for Sea Water


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Item No.Product NamevoltWalt/AmpereRevolution per minuteMax Life/kgsRope broke Tension/kgsRope Length
SF55122-3RElectric Anchor Winch -Sea Water12V150W/12.5A3800302605mm*30.5m


Anchor and 100ft.(30.5m) of rope is sufficient.Power UP / FREE-FALL down Press the down button and the anchor is released allowingthe anchor to fall very quickly. No rope back- lash.Electric Winch and Integrated Roller  Anchor roller can be positioned close to winch orspaced away. Position is determined by the,length of the anchor shank.Sealed UP / DOWN SwitchLarge Rope Capacity  Includes 100′ x 0.20′ (30.5m x 5mm) braided anchor ropeHeavy 10-gauge Battery Wire  Tin-plated12V VOLTAGE


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