Schneider Compact NSX Circuit Breakers nsx630 maccb 630a

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>> What are the features of Schneider mccb 630a LV432893 (=LV432803+LV432080)?

Circuit Breaker-Compact NSX630N-Micrologic 2.3-630 A-poles-3d



>>How big is Schneider mccb 630a LV432893?

Circuit Breaker-Compact NSX630N-Micrologic 2.3-630 A-poles-3d
Connection Pitch
45 mm
255 mm
140 mm
110 mm

>>What environment could Schneider mccb 630a LV432893 be used?

Circuit Breaker-Compact NSX630N-Micrologic 2.3-630 A-poles-3d

>> What are the features of Schneider mccb 630a LV432803?

circuit breaker w/o trip unit-Compact NSX630N-630A-3 poles



>> What environment could Schneider mccb 630a LV432803 be used?


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